Dear friends of the World Cultural Heritage Site Völklingen Ironworks,

By the close of our Buddha exhibition on March 5, 2017, 107,837 people had visited the Völklinger Hütte World Heritage Site to marvel at the masterpieces on show. For us members of World Heritage Site team, the Buddha exhibition was an exceptional cultural event. And we were not alone. The Hong Kong-based “Arts of Asia”, the world’s most important journal on Asian art, described it as, “The most significant, as well as unusual, exhibition on pan-Asian Buddhist art for many years and one of the best ever ...”. Thank you very much for showing such great interest in the Buddha exhibition and for making it one of the top 10 most popular exhibitions in Germany!

In March, we will be offering numerous public guided tours focusing on different facets of the unique Völklinger Hütte World Heritage Site. We have, for example, the Sunday children’s tours, in which children can bring a parent with them free of charge (children encourage learning in their parents), and the tours tracing the footsteps of women in the Völklinger Hütte. We also have the tours through the landscaped gardens known as “Das Paradies”, which allow visitors to experience a fascinating dialog between industry and culture. The fixed installations belonging to the UrbanArt exhibition are also to be found here.

Sunday April 9, 2017 marks the start of the “4th UrbanArt Biennale® 2017”. It is the largest urban art project in the world. At the “UrbanArt Biennale® 2017”, 100 artists from 17 countries across four continents will be exhibiting a total of 150 works on a parcours of 100,000 square meters. The exhibition offers insights not only into today’s global urban art scene, but also into the urban art scene in Latin America and the interventional nature of urban art 2.0. Visitors to it will experience the works of artists such as Banksy (GB), Okuda (E), Jordan Seiler (USA) and Vermibus (E), whose interventional image strategies penetrate deep into the consciousness of beholders.

Exciting things await! I therefore cordially invite you, dear friends of the Völklinger Hütte World Heritage Site, to come and experience the wonderful Völklinger Hütte, its exhibitions and events, and to bring your friends and family with you.

Kind regards 

Prof. Dr. Meinrad Maria Grewenig
CEO | General Director


Opening Times

from 7 November 2016
until 8 April 2017

daily from 10a.m. until 6 p.m.
exept the 24, 25  & 31 December
The ScienceCenter Ferrodrom®  is closed during this period!

from 9 april 2017
until 5 November 2017
daily from 10 a.m. until 7 p.m.

Program and Orientation Map

Buddha-Flyer en|ge
Map of Völklinger Hütte World Heritage Site


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