5. UrbanArt Biennale® 2019 unlimited

Our cooperation partners

The exhibition "Wall - Colour - Art" in the European Cultural Park Bliesbruck-Reinheim shows on the occasion of the "5th UrbanArt Biennale® 2019 Unlimited" a multimedia installation from cave paintings to today's Street Art. Graffiti workshops are offered once a month. 

To the exhibiton  "Wand - Farbe_Kunst"

The latest UrbanArt project in Paris "Fluctuart" - the floating UrbanArt exhibition hall on the banks of the Seine River Opening: Spring 2019.


The Haus was the largest temporary UrbanArt gallery in the world with 100 specially designed art spaces in Berlin, Kurfürstendamm. The Haus took place in April and May 2017 and then disappeared with the building forever. Since then, The Haus | Berlin Art Bang have initiated new UrbanArt projects.


Installation am KDW mit der Kampagne "Berlin produziert"

(Kopie 6)

The UrbanArt Museum Mausa Vauban in the UNESCO World Heritage Site Vauban Fortress in Neuf-Brisach in Alsace.


"Le Mur" in Paris, rue Oberkampf, is an important and prominent UrbanArt project in France. "Le Mur" was launched in 2003. Every two weeks, a new major UrbanArt project is created on the Wall in rue Oberkampf.

The "PopRat Saarland" is an association of pop culture actors from all pop culture genres (music, literature, film, design, fashion, urban art, fantasy, comics, etc.), who come from the Saarland and work for the Saarland in the field of pop culture at national and international level and have set themselves the task of networking and promoting the Saarland pop culture scene.


Within the framework of the "5th UrbanArt Biennale® Unlimited", installations by UrbanArt artists of the Biennale are created in the urban space.


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