03 The Celtic settlement at Niedaltdorf and the Druid Way (D)

Rehlingen - Siersburg

Experience cross-border Celtic aura: between the Saarland site at Niedaltorf and Neunkirchen-lès-Bouzonville over 40 Celtic burial mounds have been archaeologically documented in the immediate border area.  A favourite excursion destination on the Druid Way - a circular route stretching approximately 6 kilometres on the border of France offering cultural historical and natural sights - is the small Celtic farmstead and its dwelling and storehouse.


The (former) border is close by. Take an excursion to our French neighbours.



Opening hours

  • Accessible all year round
  • Partially barrier-free access
  • Restaurant / Bistro in Niedaltdorf
  • Druids Path (Druidenpfad) 6km long

Neunkircher Straße
66780 Niedaltdorf

Age group

All Ages


Gemeinde Rehlingen-Siersburg
Bouzonviller Platz
66780  Rehlingen-Siersburg 


Phone: +49 (0) 6835-508331
Fax: +49 (0) 6835-508119

GPS Coordinates

49° 20' 20.779'' N, 6° 35' 31.087'' E


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