04 The Grey Stone and the Litermont Legend Trail (D)

Düppenweiler / Nalbach

The 425 metre high Litermont between the Saarland communities of Nalbach and Düppenweiler has always inspired human fantasy to flights into mysterious legends and tales. The Litermont Legend Trail tracks these narratives and leads the rambler to one of Saarland’s most enthralling landscapes. The Grey Stone near the top of the Litermont is known to this day as the ”Druids’ Stone”: a magical place where perhaps Celts once celebrated their mysterious rites.

Opening hours

  • Open all year round
  • Litermont Legend Trail: 17 km

Piesbach Street
66701 Düppenweiler

Visit the Düppenweiler copper mine, a visitor’s mine on the European Route of Industrial Heritage – ERIH. There you can also see replicas of Celtic iron ingots. 

Age group

All Ages


Gemeinde Beckingen
Bergstraße 48
66701  Beckingen 


Phone: +49 (0) 6835-55-105

GPS Coordinates

49° 24' 21.007'' N, 6° 46' 53.956'' E


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