Celts – powerful lords in the heart of Europe

20. november 2010 until 21. august 2011
| 196.043 visitors

2,500 years ago Saarland, together with Luxembourg, Lorraine, Rhineland-Palatinate and Wallonia in Belgium, forms an important European centre. Celts live here. Their princes are much feared as warriors. They lay the foundations for a new culture, the Latène culture.
Their smiths have the skills required to forge iron into terrifying weapons and innovative tools. For the fist time the exhibition presents a comprehensive insight into a forgotten chapter of our culture. More than 150 groups of exhibits bring 800 years of Celtic innovation, culture and power to life in the 6,000m2 of the blower hall.

Catalog accompanying the exhibition, english-french, 288 pages, four-colours, € 19.90



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