The European Celtic Route

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Celtic places

01 Weltkulturerbe Völklinger Hütte

Europäisches Zentrum für Kunst und Industriekultur

Age group All Ages
Die Kelten – Druiden. Fürsten. Krieger. Das Leben der Kelten in der Eisenzeit 2,500 years ago Saarland, together with Luxembourg, Lorraine, Rhineland-Palatinate and Wallonia in Belgium, form an important European centre. Celts live here. Their princes are much feared as warriors. They lay the... read more

02 The Grave of the Princes of Elm-Sprengen (D)


Age group All Ages
A fascinating view into the wagon grave of the princes of Elm-Sprengen. The grave dating from the Hallstatt period (around 500BC) found in a wood near Köllerbach has been reconstructed. Excavations in 1991/92 revealed the remains of a four-wheeled wagon and a golden earring that indicates the social... read more

03 The Celtic settlement at Niedaltdorf and the Druid Way (D)

Rehlingen - Siersburg

Age group All Ages
Experience cross-border Celtic aura: between the Saarland site at Niedaltorf and Neunkirchen-lès-Bouzonville over 40 Celtic burial mounds have been archaeologically documented in the immediate border area.  A favourite excursion destination on the Druid Way - a circular route stretching... read more

04 The Grey Stone and the Litermont Legend Trail (D)

Düppenweiler / Nalbach

Age group All Ages
The 425 metre high Litermont between the Saarland communities of Nalbach and Düppenweiler has always inspired human fantasy to flights into mysterious legends and tales. The Litermont Legend Trail tracks these narratives and leads the rambler to one of Saarland’s most enthralling landscapes. The... read more

05 Archaeological Park Roman Villa Borg (D)

Perl - Borg

Age group All Ages
Pure luxury in Perl-Borg: the Celts and the Romans felt very well here. While excavating the Borg Villa more and more Celtic finds surfaced, evidencing the uninterrupted settling of the site since the late La Tène age, from 190BC on to the days of the Roman Empire. You can still feel the luxurious... read more

06 The Celtic Wall and Burg Montclair (D)


Age group All Ages
A fascinating landscape, the symbol of Saarland, but also a mystical place unleashing the imagination: the Saarschleife. The mountain which the Saar flows around always had great strategic significance. The first discovery of a fortification dates from 500 to 300BC: a Celtic refuge fort on the... read more

07 Grave of the Prince of Weiskirchen (D)


Age group All Ages
The magnificent find of the three Celtic princely graves of Weiskirchen numbers amongst the most well-known Celtic highlights in the world. The priceless find of artistic, handmade jewellery was discovered as early as 1850. The finds of Etruscan imports as well as discoveries of Celtic gold reveal... read more

08 Roman-Gallic Monumental Burial Mound (D)


Age group All Ages
The two monumental burial mounds of the 2nd century give evidence of a renaissance of old Celtic burial customs in Roman times. Near Gehweiler-Oberlöstern these rare magnificent burial mounds have been re-erected. There is even more to see: a Celtic and a Roman burial ground for nobility, more... read more

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