UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site at the Völklingen Ironworks

The 1986 closure of the Völklingen Ironworks changed the reality of site and its building most abruptly. Blast furnace groups, the coking plant, sintering plant, burden shed, craftsman’s alley and the blower hall were to become monuments. The placing of a conservation order on the Völklingen Ironworks at the Saarland Preservation Department was followed quickly in 1994 with its nomination as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site. The introduction of a new visitor concept in 2000 finally opened the World Cultural Heritage Site to the entire public. Comprehensive cultural programmes have long made it an immense public attraction. Each year in the grand 6,000 m2 Blower Hall large-scale cultural exhibitions open portals far into distant worlds. “Inca Gold 3000 Years of High Culture from the Larco Museum Peru” fascinated almost 200,000 visitors. Other exhibitions such as “Power&Magnificence. The splendour of Europe in the 19th century“ and “Genius I - The Mission: discover, research, invent” garnered huge public interest, resulting in six-figure visitor numbers.




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