The beginning: Julius Buch

The beginning of a new era: in October 1872, when ironworks engineer Julius Buch in Cologne decided to establish an ironworks on the Saar, he could not have had any idea that he was laying the foundations of more than 100 years of iron and steel production in Völklingen. In April 1873, Buch founded the company 'Völklinger Eisenhütte bei Saarbrücken, Actiengesellschaft für Eisenindustrie' (The Völklingen Ironworks near Saarbrücken, limited company for the iron industry). By the end of 1873 the works’ 12 puddle furnaces produced bloom iron and iron girders.

At first business was good. But after only five years there was a slump. Import duties were abolished, meaning 'French, Belgian and English iron products could be delivered at a cheaper rate than the old domestic works could produce', as Julius Buch himself was compelled to admit. In December 1878 the works went into liquidation: operations were ceased and all its workers and employees made redundant. 

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