The Post War period and the Economic Miracle

In March 1945 the Völklingen Ironworks was occupied by American troops. In July 1945 Saarland was declared a French occupied zone. The Völklingen Ironworks came under French military administration. As early as 1952 the Völklingen Ironworks re-attained its pre-war production numbers. In 1956 French administration was lifted and the Völklingen Ironworks was returned to the Röchling family. In 1957 Saarland was integrated into the Federal Republic of Germany. The German mark replaced the French franc as currency.
After the Second World War the construction boom brought the economic miracle to the Völklingen Ironworks evidenced by its increase in production numbers. In 1971 the Völklingen Ironworks was merged with the Burbach Ironworks to become the 'Steelworks Röchling-Burbach GmbH'. In Burbach they concentrated on the production of wire: in 1973 an extremely innovative rod mill was created – one of the largest and most modern in the world.

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