1881-1890: Carl Röchling: Völklingen Ironworks Gebrüder Röchling OHG
1886-1898: Dr. Richard Röchling: Röchling’sche Iron and Steel Works GmbH

1896 | Coal Tower

The steel coal tower for storing coking coal is the oldest remaining building.

1900 | The Blower Hall

Originally, ten machines located in the Blower Hall generated the wind for the ironworks’ six blast furnaces.

1901 | Old Ore Silo (Ore Shed)

In the old ore silo, minette ore from Lorraine was temporarily stored in collecting bins.

1907-1945: Hermann Röchling :  Röchling’sche Iron and Steel Works GmbH

1907 | Benzene factory

Tar emitted from the coking plant was further processed for the chemical industry in the benzene buildings.

1907 | Craftsman’s alley

The buildings in craftsman’s alley housed workshops, storerooms for carpenters, metalworkers, masons and bricklayers.

1911 | Dry gas purification 1

The “dry” purification of blast furnace gas through cotton filters was a ground breaking development in ironworks technology.

1911 | Electric-overhead track/ore inclined lift

The charging of all six blast furnaces via one common inclined elevator system was a veritable breakthrough in technological innovation.        

1912 | Burden Hall

The largest covered stretch of silos for the storing of ore was a pioneering achievement in concrete construction.

1913 | Dry gas purification 2

The gigantic amounts of gas emitted by the blast furnaces called for an extension of the purification capacities.

1914 | Blast furnace office

The offices of the blast furnace boss and the ironworks engineers were fitted in beneath the inclined elevator.

1914 | Coke inclined lift

The construction of the inclined lift for coke completed the charging system for the blast furnaces.

1917 | Water tower

The elevated water tank was one of the most advanced concrete constructions in the world.

1922 | Dry gas purification 3

The last building stage of dry gas purification was created in the area around blast furnace 1.

1928 | Sintering plant

The recycling of waste materials implementing sintering technology registered a leap in the development of ironworks technology.

1935/1936 | The coking plant

The coking plant, in the immediate vicinity of the blast furnace, saved long transportation and haulage distances.

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