The Steel Crisis and Closure

Up to the mid-1970s steel industry production numbers rose constantly. Its peak was reach in 1974. What followed was a crash: in 1975 the steel crisis had established itself. The merging of the ironworks in Völklingen and Saarbrücken-Burbach to become the 'Steel Works Röchling-Burbach GmbH' had already occurred in 1971.
In Völklingen they risked venturing further forward. In 1980 a new steel works was put into operation: the most modern technology was brought in with the hope of staving off the threat of decline. The executive management of the Steel Works Röchling-Burbach GmbH were assigned to the Dillinger Ironworks. A new company was created: 'Saarstahl Völklingen GmbH'.
The steel crisis continued worsening: 8,500 were made redundant. On 4th July 1986 the most momentous measure was taken: the blast furnaces of the Völklingen Ironworks were shut down, production of pig iron ceased, the coking plant and all auxiliary operations of iron production terminated.

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