Luc Delahaye

Winter Journey

In hauntingly, dreamy but also harrowing images “Winterreise” by Lud Delahaye depicts people in Russia against a background of corruption, depressed economy, alcoholism and poverty; with their hopes, longings and dreams, but also their resignation.  

Luc Delahaye was awarded one of the most coveted photography prizes, the Oskar Barnack Award in 2000 for his "Winterreise".


French photographer Luc Delahaye (born1962) was a member of the world famous Magnum agency in Paris from 1994 - 2004. Since 1988 Luc Delahaye has dedicated his photo reports to the world’s trouble spots among other things to the wars and has documented conflicts in Lebanon, Afghanistan, Roumania, Sudan, Israel, Bosnia and Croatia.

His prominent works have garnered many awards: the Robert Capa Prize (1993), The World Press Photo (1993 and 1994), the Prix-Paris-Match (1992 and 1994), the Visa d'Or (1993) the Oskar-­Barnack-Award (2000), the Robert Capa Gold Medal (2004) and the Deutsche Börse Photographie Prize (2005).

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