Generation Pop - hear me! feel me! love me!

15 september 2013 until 15 Juin 2014

Pop is fascinating and multi-facetted. Pop is ground breaking invention and unimaginable upheavals of the present. Pop is communication and locating anew. Pop is the new invention of modern people and the pop generation is its following. Pop is a youth phenomenon which, from the 1950s on, separated the younger generation off from its elders. Its music, fashion and new feeling of life have determined humanity more and more. Pop is the sway of Elvis’s hips – which, at the beginning on TV, was only to be seen from the waist’ up. Pop is in the art of the renunciation of abstraction and the discovery of the world. Pop dares itself on the street and in life. Pop is beat and rock’n’roll, Pop is MTV, Pop determines TV and film. And Pop is the universal language superimposing cultural expressions of the Western Word in the second half of the 20th century and into the 21st century.

The signet of this Pop revolution is the music that bears the rhythm of a new time and determines people. This rhythm is no longer the rhythm of biology, the tides, the seasons or the turning from day to night, it is the beat, rock’n’roll, hip-hop and techno sound. Together with its melodious world of sound, assisted by electronic amplification it has replaced the natural rhythms of the world and even rendered the machine rhythms of the industrial age extinct. Pop culture was borne by youth who, overwhelmed by a new feeling about the world, did not allow their parents to hinder their liberated and inspired younger generation. The rhythm of the Pop age and bearer of this new view of life came from what was dismissed by their elders as (deleteriously dubbed) “American Negro music”. It created a new cult of stars. Heroes and models for the younger generation were spawned, triggering new values and consumer thinking.

Generation Pop!… hear me, feel me, love me! with its 1,500 original exhibits, multimedia-documents and interactive stations over a space of 6,000 m2, it is the most significant exhibition project to this day on the phenomenon of pop. The largest machine in the world, the Blower Hall of the World Cultural Heritage Site at the Völklingen Ironworks, offers the most perfect atmosphere.
“Generation Pop! ...hear me, feel me, love me!“ is exhibition, adventure tour and fanatic dream of our generation’s yearnings and fantasies - a quantum leap in exhibition history!
60 years ago Elvis gave entertainment music a real underbelly. What the king could not have foreseen was that this underbelly would give birth to Pop and with it the most cutting cultural change of the 20th century. He created the universal user-interface of our modern civilization.
“Generation Pop …hear me, feel me, love me!” tells of this process. And from that, what we will be and what we are. It’s about rhythm, it’s about emotion – and it’s about you and me.

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