Communication without limits

With the invention of writing 5000 years ago, human communication was no longer limited to direct interaction, i.e. speech and gesture. A period began in which communication between humans was to become easier and easier and more and more versatile, a period in which it was made possible to record and copy messages in words, pictures and sound and to exchange them over great distances and varying periods of time.

  • Writing, 3000 B.C.
  • Paper, China, at about the time of the birth of Christ / Europe 11th century A.D.
  • Printing, c. 1420
  • The newspaper, 'Aviso' Wolfenbüttel / 'Relation' Strasbourg 1609, the 'Einkommende Zeitung', Leipzig, 1650, the world's first daily
  • The telephone, 1861
  • The Internet, 1989
  • The mobile phone, 1942 / 1948 
Grenzenlose Kommunikation

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