The project “Mission eternity” of the Swiss Artist’s group “etoy” is a highlight in the context of the new experience project “Genius I. The Mission discover, research, invent” and it has been conceived specially for children between 5 and 10-years-old.

With the conceptional etoy.TANKS, developed exclusively for the project, a new dimension of digital art is mediated for children. In a 35 metre long pipe system they can go on their own quite personal “Mission” - and in a capacity as doers and participants, not just passive, distanced observers.   

There are now thousands of such “Mission eternity Angels” in the USA and in other parts of Europe, and from 2008, also in China. The data encapsulated in “etoy.TANK” can be taken home via mobile phone or web interface.

The current “Mission-eternity pilots” remain saved for the children, and their children, on the world-wide distributed “Mission eternity-storage system” of “etoy” in virtually limitless capacity. The long-term reception of this digital data capsule is the future challenge of the Swiss artist’s group “etoy”.



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