Hearing and Seeing

Musical notation was thefirst technical process designed to render the sensual dimension of hearing repeatable. The repetition of the actual events of hearing and seeing by means of photography, the record and film led, in the digital age, to the possibility of recreating reproduced real events thanks to their already having been the subject of technical fixing. Today, a world without permanent exposure to sonic waves, without powerful images or lifelike sequences of events would be unimaginable.

  •  Musical notation, 9th century A.D., Nota bene
  • The camera, camera obscura, Arabic scholars c. 1000 A.D. / Joseph Nicéphore Niepce, 1826  first photo / further developed by Louis Jacques Mandé Daguerre

  • The record, 1877, Thomas Alva Edison

  • The film, the Skladanowsky brothers in Berlin 1895, silent film until 1928, modern film as from 1958, digital film from 1990

  • Radio 1906 / 1920

  • Television, 1910

  • MP3 music encoding, Karlheinz Brandenburg and the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits in Erlangen, 1987

  • The laser (from an idea by Albert Einstein in 1917), Gordon Gould, technical implementation 1957 (patent application 1959, granted 1986)

  • The CD / DVD, 1980s / 1999 - 2000

Hören und Sehen

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