Our civilisation

Food, trade, the way people live together  –  the type of state we live in, the games we play and the feeling we have of being alive are the dimensions of our civilisation. They form the basic constants of our culture.

  • The number, 30,000 B.C.,
  • Bread, Egypt, 2500 B.C.,
  • Beer, 3rd millennium B.C.,
  • Money, 630 B.C., Lydia,
  • Porcelain, glass and steel; 1708,
  • Democracy, Aristotle (384 - 322 B.C.)
    Shared power for fixed periods, 1789 the French Revolution
  • From the football to the teddy bear, in the 19th century the 'greatest trivial pursuit in the world' and in 1902 Margarete Steiff, bear-lover 'Teddy' Roosevelt
  • Blue jeans, mini-skirts and nylons, 1958, the swinging sixties
Unsere Zivilisation

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