World domination

Since the early days, humans have tried to exploit the earth and their habitat. In doing so, they have deployed not only their physical strength but also the power of their minds to achieve control over their environment, the tides and their fellows. The development of tools has been an important factor in the progress of civilisation. To increase their physical power, they also availed themselves of external aids:

  • The hand-axe, 4 million yrs. B.C. 
  • Weapons, since the very beginning of time
  • The university, Paris, Bologna, Salerno, 12th century A.D.
  • The discovery of history / the science of history, Johann Martin Chladenius 1752
  • The compass, the sextant, 10th - 13th century A.D. 
  • The pocket watch, Peter Henlein (c. 1480 - 1542), Nuremberg 1509
  • The encyclopaedia, lexicon, Denis Diderot (1713 – 1784), Brockhaus, 1751 - 1781 / 1808,  all the knowledge in the world, Wikipedia
  • The steam engine, 1769 
  • The zip fastener, Gideon Sundback 1913 
  • The Rawlplug, 1958, Artur Fischer 
Die Beherrschung der Welt

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