Mysterious Visual Worlds

1 april 2012 until 3 march 2013 | 101.595 visitors

Photography is an essential component of industry culture like no other visual artistic medium. The technological illustrations of the world, its documentary and artistic dimensions have been and are the focus of our exhibitions. “Behind the Future” continues a series of significant photography exhibitions at the Völklingen Ironworks: Andreas Feininger and Sebastião Salgado, Luc Delahaye, Franz Mörscher 2001, are only a few of the photographers whose works have been exhibited at the Völklingen Ironworks. The works involved in Nicolas Dherviller’s “Behind the Future”. Nicolas Dhervillers frame a view of the World Cultural Heritage Site at the Völklingen Ironworks that is excitingly different – and at the same time serve as an important statement regarding the new photography of the second decade of the 21st century. The Nicolas Dhervillers pictures permit the visitors to experience new and surprising perspectives on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site. The cycle of works "Behind the Future" is comprised of more than 30 pictures. At the Völklingen Ironworks Dhervillers detected sites, hidden and forgotten over time and focused his camera upon them. The area and spaces metamorphose simultaneously into traces of the past and visions of the future. The Völklingen Ironworks appears as a place in which time stands still. The observer encounters a surreal, alien reality.

A catalogue has been published for the exhibition, 96 pages, four-coloured prints throughout, priced at 9.95 €.

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