Nicolas Dhervillers

studied Performing Arts at the Paul-Valéry University Montpellier III and “Science and Technology” at the Paris 8 University, Saint Denis.
Dhervillers was discovered at the Paris fair "Salon de la Photo" and in 2010 he won the prestigious "Zoom" prize awarded by the French photographic press. He is the star of the new photography in France. "Nicolas Dhervillers – Behind the Future" is the artist’s first solo exhibition in Germany. 
Nicolas Dhervillers on photography: “the freedom in photography is the narrating. The first thing I had to learn in photography was that there is no objectivity.
Dhervillers' photography is narrative; it is the staging of reality. Dhervillers arranges his painting-reminiscent photography like a theatre director. In his staged landscapes light plays an important role. It gives it an unexpected emphasis and lends the picture a surrealistic character.

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