Ottmar Hörl • Second Life - 100 workers

Who doesn't know his performances of Karl Marx, Charlemagne, Richard Wagner and Martin Luther? Ottmar Hörl has gained worldwide recognition for his large installations based on his concept of art as a means of communication. His sculptures are exhibited all over the world. Ottmar Hörl has designed an exciting sculpture project for the Völklinger Hütte World Cultural Heritage Site entitled "Second Life" featuring 100 workers. The sculptures faithfully represent the workers of the Völklingen factory, with their helmets and working clothes. This project draws attention to the universal theme of the Völklingen factory: the world of work and the workers. 

This artistic installation representing the typical ironworks worker is at the same time a tribute and an invitation to take a new look at the theme of work. The Völklingen factory represents dynamic work, economic progress, but also socio-structural change. What are the consequences of the loss of employment of entire generations of workers and the dissolution of established social structures?

The artistic project and its sculptures give a "second life" to the factory workers. Ottmar Hörl's large sculpture of Völklingen iron and steel was erected on the Völklinger Platz at the Völklinger Hütte World Cultural Heritage Site. With the base, it measures 6.20 meters high. The "Second Life" art project of the Völklinger Hütte World Cultural Heritage Site is accompanied by a retrospective of Otmar Hörl's work.

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