Pharaohs' Gold: 3,000 Years of Ancient Egypt

Begin: 18.05.2019 10:00 hour
End: 24.11.2019 19:00 hour

Few civilisations have been as rich and as enduring a source of fascination as the advanced civilisation of ancient Egypt. Comprising 160 individual exhibits, the exhibition “The Gold of the Pharaohs - 3,000 Years of Ancient Egyptian Culture” presents an exceptional array of golden treasures of ancient Egyptian origin. The exhibition marks the first time that the pieces have been showcased in this way. It therefore offers an entirely new perspective on gold in ancient Egypt and the enormous religious and symbolic power that was attributed to it. Gold is enduring, indestructible. It is the symbol of eternity and, to ancient Egyptians, the holiest of all metals. So much so that they referred to it as “flesh of the gods”.


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