ScienceCenter Ferrodrom®

Ferrodrom® at the burden hall
the exiting world of iron and steel

The wonderful world of the Völklingen Ironworks comes to life in the Ferrodrom®. Whether on a large scale; at the entrance to the Ferrodrom® one of the largest fire tornadoes in the world gives the visitor a fiery reception, or on a tiny one, researching the surface of iron and steel with a video microscope, one thing remains certain: the Ferrodrom® is great fun. In the burden shed, there's the riddle of the four elements: what part is played by fire, water, earth and air in an ironworks? 

The ghostly fog screen turns water into fire. The giant ice cube makes water as hard as stone. Can sand become fluid? Home-made whirlwinds, the air bubble race, the clouds in the sphere - the Ferrodrom® fascinates everybody.The ironworks laboratory shows the magical world of magnetism. How can magnetism be put to use in everyday life? There's a lot to be discovered here. A powerful microscope helps us to take a close look at the mysterious world of surfaces. Have you ever watched iron rusting? And as a souvenir, every visitor can mint his or her own Ferrodrom® coin. 

The great challenge in an ironworks is that unimaginable amounts of raw and other materials have to be shifted. With monorails, conveyor belts, lifts. But how did it all work? With the transport circuit in the Ferrodrom®, the mystery can be solved in a playful way: so now you can roll up your sleeves and get into action! Who has the courage to go on the nine-metre-chute? Who can make the big water wheel turn? Fun for both young and old!


Opening times

The ScienceCenter Ferrodrom® is opened during the summer season
from the Sunday before Easter until the beginning of November from 10am to 7pm
it is closed during de winter season.

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