Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.
Pietro Annigoni (1910 - 1988)

1954 / 1955

Luciano Pelizzari Collection

The Legend Queen Elizabeth II.

extended until 22 April 2019

The exhibition presents Queen Elizabeth II in Luciano Pelizzari’s collection of paintings, photographs, stamps, coins, and medals. Taken together, the works offer a compelling portrait of the exceptional woman who has been Queen of the United Kingdom and Head of the Commonwealth of Nations since 1952.

In the exhibition "Legend Queen Elizabeth II" we confront our selection from the Luciano Pelizzari collection with the legendary project "BBC London | 92 years Queen Elizabeth II. in pictures", which shows the life of the Queen during the last 92 years in outstanding annual photos. It is an impressive document of an eventful time.

These pictures are complemented by loans from the legendary porcelain collection of Marina Minelli, Ancona, showing of delicate porcelain masterpieces from traditional British ceramic workshops. Public and private events are depicted on the ceramics, which commemorate significant anniversaries during the queen’s long reign.

The exhibits from the Museum Foundation Post and Telecommunication go back to the origins of stamps at the turn of the century, while documents and stamps from the collection of The Postal Museum in London examine the creation of the first stamps to feature representations of Queen Elizabeth II.


Legende Queen Elizabeth II. Sammlung Luciano Pelizzari

Edited by Meinrad Maria Grewenig,
252 pages, four-coloured, 27,50 Euro,
Edition Völklinger Hütte in the Cantz Edition
available in the exhibition and in our OnlineShop.

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