The Fascination of the Skull – Myth und Cult

The skull is a special part of the human body. It is here the human sees, smells, hears, tastes and speaks. It is here he shows his face. It is the location of his spirit. He thinks and dreams here. His memories live here – here is his balance and his personality.   

The human skull has inspired the fantasies of humans – as a cult object and cultural phenomenon.

Historical collections of skulls have been part of mankind’s central subject matter for thousands of years. The head and skull have a special significance in our history. Whether they are prehistoric skull bowls, artistically decorated headhunter trophies or religiously worshipped skull relics, whether taken as memorials to the fleeting passing of time or as an archaeological sensation: the phenomenon of the “cult of the skull” looks back on a long stretch of cultural history. Featuring 250 human skulls and heads of all ages and almost all the continents, the exhibition enables a comprehensive approach to a theme that has maintained its fascination to this very day.


Catalogue of the exhibition - in german,
four-coloured, with all works,
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