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For 41 years and 132 days Germany was divided between East and West. After more than four decades the Cold War and the nuclear threat between East and West took on a new face.

On 9th November 1989 the Berlin Wall fell and the people experienced a stroke of luck in German history. The GDR imploded and Chancellor Kohl took full advantage of the day. The “two-plus-four” negotiation was swiftly taken on by the four victorious powers of World War Two, to find a solution to the most complicated of all questions – the reunification of Germany.

The opportunity for German reunification was unique, the diplomatic path towards it - tedious. Renowned photographer and journalist for the German Bild newspaper Helmut R. Schulze, born in 1929 in Bad Liebenwerda, was up close and exclusively at many a diplomatic occasion in which the division in Europe was to be surmounted. His photographs reveal at close proximity the political path to German Reunification. For the jubilee “25 Years of the Fall of the Berlin Wall” the World Cultural Heritage Site at the Völklingen Ironworks is presenting the exhibition   “25 Years of German Reunification”.

© Helmut R. Schulze

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© Helmut R. Schulze

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