Mon Trésor: Europe’s Treasures in Saarland

Begin: 08.11.2020 10:00 hour End: 27.06.2021 18:00 hour

In “Mon Trésor”, the Völklinger Hütte World Cultural Heritage Site turns its attention to Saar-Lor-Lux, a major European region. Presenting important treasures from Saarland and neighbouring countries, the exhibition features exceptional archaeological, technological, cultural and artistic objects from the Saar Carboniferous period to the present.

In addition, visitors will encounter surprising discoveries that shed light on the cultural and human dimensions of this international region. But “Mon Trésor” also takes a personal, subjective approach. “My treasure” could be anything: an object, a tree, an animal or a person. Visitors are thus confronted with the questions: What is a treasure? And what’s important to me personally? A richly illustrated catalogue has been published by DCV to accompany the exhibition.


Africa from its photographers’ Perspective

Begin: 03.04.2020 10:00 hour End: 31.01.2021 19:00 hour

Prolonged until 31.01.2021

We are familiar with Berlin, Paris, London and perhaps even New York. But what do we know about Lagos, Cape Town or Kinshasa? This exhibition features the work of African photographers, offering a fresh perspective on and artistic insights into their urban environment.

The photographs explore daily life in the cities, the uncontrollability of nature, industry, traces of the past and pop culture. Some of the photographers have already exhibited at major exhibitions such as documenta, while others are presenting their work in Germany for the first time.

Some live in Africa, while others are scattered across all five continents. The photographs offer insights into other cultures from the perspective of African artists.

The exhibition is under the patronage of the Federal Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development, Gerd Müller.


Christian Boltanski: Die Zwangsarbeiter - Erinnerungsort in der Völklinger Hütte

Begin: 01.11.2018 10:00 hour End: 31.12.2028

This major installation by Christian Boltanski in the Völklinger Hütte sintering plant engages with the issue of forced labour in a new and deeply moving way. Over the course of the Second World War, 11,974 men, women and children from twenty countries were registered as forced labourers at Völklinger Hütte. Of these, 261 lost their lives, sixty of them children and infants. These people can be encountered between the claustrophobic walls of this archive of memories, with its seemingly endless stacks of archive boxes. Here and there, visitors catch a glimpse of a number, or of black trousers and jackets piled into a mountain of clothes. Meanwhile, the names of the forced labourers are whispered from all corners of the installation, sending shivers down the spine. Boltanski’s installation instantly transports visitors to another world.


The Röchlings and the Völklingen Ironworks | Permanent Exhibition

Begin: 28.06.2019 10:00 hour End: 31.12.2030 19:00 hour

The history of the Völklinger Hütte is linked to one family: the Röchlings. For decades representatives of this family shaped the fate of the Völklingen Iron and Steelworks. The permanent exhibition "The Röchlings and the Völklinger Hütte" in the sintering plant of the World Cultural Heritage Site Völklinger Hütte tells the more than 100-year history of the Völklinger Hütte in the mirror of the acting persons from the founding and owning family Röchling. Following the temporary exhibition "The Röchling Ironworks and the Völklinger Hütte" (2014 - 2016) and the scientific conference of the same name in 2015, the subject is now being given a permanent place in the sintering plant on the visitors' path to the World Cultural Heritage Site at the Völklinger Hütte. The exhibition opens up new visitor areas in the sintering plant.

The exhibition "Die Röchlings und die Völklinger Hütte" forms a thematic unity with the UNESCO Visitor Centre, the installation "The Forced Labourers - Place of Remembrance at the Völklinger Hütte" and the presentation of historical research on the forced labourers at the Völklinger Hütte. 


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